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2024 Development Program & Xcel State Championships

2023-2024 Season High Point Champions

Level/Division Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Level 2 9.575 Natalia T. (Legacy) 9.724 Natalia T. (Legacy) 9.735 Natalia T. (Legacy) 9.701 Natalia T. (Legacy) 38.782 Natalia T. (Legacy)
Level 3 9.643 Eloise C. (Legacy) 9.737 Eloise C. (Legacy) 9.512 Eloise C. (Legacy) 9.533 Isla A. (Agility) 38.295 Eloise C. (Legacy)
Level 4 9.575 Ella W. (Legacy) 9.602 Charlotte F. (Legacy) 9.747 Maya H. (Legacy) 9.735 Maya H. (Legacy) 38.530 Maya H. (Legacy)
Level 5 9.700 Laila L. (Legacy) 9.480 Laila L. (Legacy) 9.173 Laila L. (Legacy) 9.535 Laila L. (Legacy) 37.888 Laila L. (Legacy)
Level 6 9.169 Lillian H. (Agility) 9.527 Maggie E. (Agility) 9.427 Lillian H. (Agility) 9.615 Isla T. (Legacy) 37.260 Isla T. (Legacy)
Level 7 9.319 Myah J. (Becca's) 9.390 Bethany L. (Agility) 9.381 Rylee T. (Excel) 9.535 Ella S. (Agility) 37.017 Bethany L. (Agility)
Level 8 9.348 Luci P. (Agility) 9.419 Stella M. (Excel) 9.394 Stella M. (Excel) 9.383 Marlee J. (Champion) 37.011 Mia M. (Top Flight)
Level 9 9.437 Ella S. (Champion) 8.737 MaryLou O. (Champion) 8.998 June C-T. (KGA) 9.427 Reese O. (Champion) 35.652 Ella S. (Champion)
Level 10 9.363 Mila H. (KGA) 8.535 Markell M. (Excel) 9.175 Mila H. (KGA) 9.482 Kendall G. (Champion) 35.506 Amelia U. (Legacy)
Xcel Bronze 9.567 Ellie J. (Legacy) 9.697 Landyn D. (Legacy) 9.722 Adelyn M. (Top Flight) 9.736 Abigail R. (Becca's) 38.271 Adelyn M. (Top Flight)
Xcel Silver 9.674 Madilyn H. (Legacy) 9.896 Alyvia T. (Becca's) 9.847 Evelyn L. (Becca's) 9.693 Tegan S. (Becca's) 38.640 Madilyn H. (Legacy)
Xcel Gold 9.335 Kinsley K. (Legacy) 9.666 Ella K. (Becca's) 9.561 Mia S-S. (Excel) 9.611 Skylar S. (Becca's) 37.769 Kinsley K. (Legacy)
Xcel Platinum 9.310 Hayden R. (Legacy) 9.402 Nickki C. (Top Flight) 9.426 Azariah H. (Legacy) 9.607 Azariah H. (Legacy) 37.425 Sara S. (Legacy)
Xcel Diamond 9.049 Olyvia G. (Top Flight) 9.425 Haley G. (Becca's) 9.381 Abbey T. (Top Flight) 9.656 Maddie B. (Legacy) 36.936 Abbey T. (Top Flight)

2024 Kentucky Team Champions

Xcel Bronze 

Small Team
First: Legacy, 116.925
Second: Excel, 115.625
Third: Spirit Sports, 113.125

Large Team
First: Becca's, 117.55
Second: Top Flight, 117.425
Third: Ace, 116.375

Xcel Silver

Small Team
First: Legacy, 116.875
Second: Fit Kids, 115.975
Third: Champion, 114.525

Large Team
First: Becca's, 118.30
Second: Excel, 116.975
Third: Top Flight, 116.325

Xcel Gold 

Small Team
First:  Excel, 114.375
Second:  KGA, 111.075
Third: KCs, 110.625

Large Team
First:  Legacy, 115.625
Second:  Top Flight, 115.425
Third:  Becca's, 115.225

Xcel Platinum

Small Team
First:  Becca's, 113.525
Second:  Excel, 112.55
Third: KGA, 112.075

Large Team
First: Legacy, 114.675
Second: Top Flight, 112.475
Third: Champion, 112.40

Xcel Diamond
First:  Top Flight 
Second: Lakewood
Third: Agility

Level 10
First: Champion, 88.825

Level 9
First: Champion, 111.475
Second: Legacy, 106.375
Third: Excel, 88.625

Level 8
First: Agility, 112.225
Second: Champion, 111.75
Third: Legacy, 111.075

Level 7
First: Champion, 112.775
Second: Agility, 112.625
Third: Becca's, 111.525

Level 6
First: Agility, 113.675
Second: Legacy, 112.70
Third: Champion, 112.55

Level 5
First: Legacy, 114.625
Second: KGA, 110.075
Third: Agility, 109.425

Level 4
First: Legacy, 116.50
Second: Champion, 114.975
Third: Agility, 112.775

Level 3
First: Legacy, 115.65
Second: Champion, 114.725
Third: Agility, 114.475

Level 2
First: Legacy, 116.325
Second: Agility, 115.35
Third: Champion, 114.275

2024 Kentucky Regional Championship Qualifiers

Athletes competing at Kentucky State Championships in Xcel Gold-Diamond and Levels 6-10 have the ability to qualify for Region 5 Championships. Congratulations to these athletes on their qualification to Regionals! 

State Championships Results


  • Levels 2-3: 34.00 all-around at a KQ meet. MUST compete in 2 KQs. 
  • Levels 4-8: 34.00 all-around at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet (not a practice meet). MUST compete in 2 KQs.
  • Levels 9 & 10: 34.00 all-around at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet (not a practice meet). MUST compete in 1 KQ.
  • Levels 6-10 individual event specialists (IES): 8.50 per event at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet (not a practice meet). Levels 6-8 MUST compete in 2 KQs. Levels 9 & 10 MUST compete in 1 KQ.
  • Xcel Bronze, Silver, and Gold: 34.00 all-around or equal event score average at a KQ meet. MUST compete in 2 KQs.
  • Xcel Platinum, Diamond & Sapphire: 34.00 all-around or equal event score average at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet (not a practice meet). MUST compete in 2 KQs.

ALL entries must be submitted online via USAG's Meet Reservations system. 

ALL entries MUST be submitted by the entry deadline or they will be considered late. This includes entries for athletes attempting to qualify past the entry deadline. 

Team entries MUST be submitted by the entry deadline. Payment for team entries MUST be in-hand by the entry deadline. Late team entries will not be accepted. 

ALL payment for ALL entries must be in-hand (meaning the meet host has the payment in their possession–not in the mail) by the entry deadline or a late fee of $25.00 per gymnast will apply.

The USA Gymnastics Kentucky declaration date is February 19, 2024, for all Levels/Divisions and Programs. The Program an athlete participates in after the declaration date is the Program the athlete MUST compete in for the Championship season (State Championships and above). The highest level/division within that program is also the level/division the athlete must compete in for the Championship season. Athletes CANNOT drop back a level/division OR switch programs (Dev to Xcel or vice versa) after this date.